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While searching for her own elusive diagnosis, Dr. Katia Moritz, a prominent psychologist, discovers a hidden epidemic of undiagnosed patients drowning in the healthcare system. Katia learns that the future of medicine is being robbed of their vital information- without a name for their illness, there is no database to store or cross-reference their medical cases, which could hold the key for finding treatments and cures to new and known diseases.

Showing innovative ideas about how diagnosis and data allocation can be successfully done, this documentary, in collaboration with Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital, created a worldwide “Diagnostic Challenge” for the undiagnosed patients whose plights the film has been following for the past four years. The success of this initiative allowed for the creation of a collaborative consortium of cutting-edge biotechnology companies willing to take this proof of concept a step further.

Undiagnosed follows Katia on her journey to give an identity to these unrecognized patients, uniting them in this powerful story of desperation, heartache, and ultimately, hope. Through the fascinating, personal stories of five different families, the film explores why the medical system is failing this population and how studying these patients will advance medicine for all of humanity. This global health crisis involving millions of people is a story that needs to be told.

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